Anti-Paparazzi Law: How Does It Affect Photographers

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  By Michael Moodie
Anti-Paparazzi Law: How Does It Affect Photographers

This world is filled with opposites that help to strike a balance between whats and good and what’s bad. In everything you do, there is a good side and a bad side of doing it. For example, even something simple such as drinking water has the possibility of drinking too much water. Without a balance, one thing will always outweigh the other thus causing an inevitable problem. Today we will be discussing one of the bad parts in photography that is sometimes not popularly discussed by photographers enough. The topic we will be touching on today is the pressing issue of anti-paparazzi laws and how it can affect the photography community. As someone who’s not a paparazzi photographer but a photographer nonetheless I will be simply pointing out some points as to how the community of paparazzi photographers may be affected by this law and also how it may be justified in some ways. However, lets firstly establish what the anti-paparazzi law is and why it was implemented in the first place.

The Anti-paparazzi law summarized basically speaks to the protection of high profile individuals such as recording artists, politicians, actors, etc. This law protects these people from things such as harassment which encompasses being stalked or followed without given permission. The law also protects the children of these popular individuals as photographers can also be sued or charged for taking unsolicited pictures of these children without the consent of their parent or their parent presence. This law was implemented and reinforced after a tragic event that happened to the royal family in England. Reports say that Princess Diana crashed and died in a motor vehicle accident as a result of being chased by the paparazzi on bikes. It was said that the driver of the vehicle was traveling over 100kph when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a wall. Several bikes and photographers were taken into custody and some photographers charged as a result of this tragic event. This justifiably set the tone for how paparazzi photographers are supposed to operate in different scenarios or events.

The current anti-paparazzi laws specifically prohibit photographers from trespassing on any private property to obtain content. As a paparazzi photographer, you are also not allowed to use a telephoto lens as a tool of surveillance for any private property nor can you pursue target in motorized vehicles such as a motorbike, motor vehicle or truck.

Many photographers, however, find a way to work around this to provide popular tabloids with provocative content to draw attention to their websites or social media platforms. Paparazzi photographers potentially end up infringing many basic human rights to privacy. Sadly if you’re a person of interest or popular, privacy tends to go out the window for you.

How Does This Anti-Paparazzi Law Affect Photographers?

The Anti-Paparazzi law will affect Photographers but namely paparazzi photographers a bit more than others. One has to keep in mind that there are photographers who actually make a living just by taking pictures of celebrities or public figures in an embarrassing moment or simple at their worst. Of course, this is not the most morally correct job in the world but it is their job nonetheless. These laws affect photographers in a few ways.

1. Limited

As a result of these laws, it limits your capabilities as a photographer to carry out your job as effective as you need to. You have at least 15 different things to think about before you press your shutter button or even think of sending your image to a news outlet or popular tabloid. Many things come into play here – privacy and freedom of speech are just two of those things. The topic of privacy in a public space can bring forth many questions that need answers. Most of these answers are not available to photographers so they end up working off common knowledge.

2. Civil Liability

These laws expose photographers to a number of paparazzi privacy breaches. Therefore you may have a number of photographers who are not completely aware of the laws in place against them. As a result of them being unaware, they’ll more than likely breach these laws and end up paying dearly for it. So, in essence, it leaves a lot of photographers vulnerable.

3. Finding Other Means

Photography is a craft that has its many genres but once you find a genre that you enjoy within photography, it’s easy to become comfortable. For existing photographers who’ve made a career out of doing paparazzi photography or things similar to paparazzi photography may be forced to explore another genre. This changes up the game making them find means and ways to make a living from other genres of photography and ultimately being taken out of their comfort zone.

I hope this article has opened your eyes into the world of how Paparazzi photography works and how it should work. There are many sides to this field and each comes with its own responsibility. Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon.

Rating: 3.33 based on 3 Ratings
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