Secrets Of Mom And Baby Studio Photography

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  By Michael Moodie
Secrets Of Mom And Baby Studio Photography

Photographing newborns can be both such a challenging but rewarding task as a photographer. In most cases, it is rewarding with still a few challenges in there. Capturing amazing moments between a mother and her child is not only magical but also gives you the opportunity experience that moment of pure loving and bonding between them both. In today’s article, we will be talking about a few secrets that could be very useful when conducting an indoor studio session between a mother and her newborn. Some of these secrets can be subjected to minor changes depending on your studio environment or personal preference of your client. I hope this combined list of secrets will come in handy on your next mother & newborn studio session, let’s begin.

1. Keep The Room Warm

One of the first secrets to doing successful mom and baby studio session is to make sure that the environment is perfect for the child. Thankfully you will be conducting your session in a studio which should be a controlled space enough for you to adjust the temperature in the room. Newborns are sensitive to almost everything during those early stages and temperature is definitely one of them. They usually have difficulty regulating their own body temperature so it’s always best to keep the space warm. If you are not able to adjust the temperature in the room then it’s always helpful to have a few clean and warm blankets around just in case.

Mom’s will usually bring a warm blanket that already belongs to the child but you can never be too prepared. Creating a warm and comfortable space will allow the newborn to sleep soundly, making it a lot easier for you and the mom to maneuver various positions and styles carefully during the shoot. You can usually tell when its warm enough when you or the mother start to sweat a little. That will prove as a clear indication that it’s perfect for the baby.

2. Scheduling

Timing is everything and in this case, you and the mother would have to work around the schedule of the newborn. Babys tend to have this unwritten schedule that you eventually learn as you go when you’re a parent. Based on this unwritten schedule, you can usually approximate when is a good time for naps, feed, and a bath, etc. Deviating from this schedule can sometimes result in a baby becoming miserable or uneasy which is what you don’t want during the session. Based on my experience, usually, the best time for these sessions are early in the morning. Most newborns sleep more soundly around this time of day especially if they were up earlier prior. This little secret will help to dictate a smooth day of shooting with a peaceful baby and a relaxed mother.

Naturally, mothers tend to worry about their children in regards to if they’re okay and if they need anything. You want to dispell this worry as much as possible so it does not show in your images. A happy and relaxed baby will always equal a relaxed mom.

3. Talk With The Mother

Another secret I would like to share with photographers for mom and baby studio sessions is to take the time out to speak with the mother and see what it is she would like to achieve from this session apart from a few beautiful pictures. Communication is always key and can help you in achieving exactly what it is your client wanted or was looking for. Ask a few questions regarding her newborn as well just to initiate a good relationship and line of communication. Doing this will also help the mother in feeling more comfortable, confident and relaxed about the session.

Newborns are very receptive to energy and will react to what they feel is happening around them. Therefore if their mother is nervous or unsettled then the newborn themselves will also be very unsettled.

4. Soothing Sounds

Another secret that has proven helpful during mom and baby studio photography is having soothing music play throughout the session. Research has shown that when in the womb, babies endure a lot of noise. Having endured this noise for months, once they’re born, hearing something similar actually helps them to relax or sleep soundly.

If you have speakers in your studio then I recommend researching some soothing sounds and have them play throughout the session. I have noticed that this doesn’t only help the baby to relax but helps the mother as well. Playing soothing sounds will help to solidify a smooth and peaceful photography session with a mother and her newborn.

5. Take Your Time

Photography moms and their newborns can be time-consuming sometimes so be sure to plan accordingly. If you’re lucky then it might not take as long as you anticipated but in most cases, it’s a few hours for me. It will take time to first get the newborn fed and comfortable and then make the mother comfortable as well so don’t be in a rush when conducting a session like this. This secret will make you appreciate the little details by also making you aware of them.

I hope some of these secrets have been helpful in successfully completing a mom and baby studio photography session of your own. Until next time, thank you so much for stopping by!

Rating: 5.00 based on 1 Rating
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