How to Remove Blue Cast From Your Photos in Lightroom

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  By Jordan Younce
How to Remove Blue Cast From Your Photos in Lightroom

This video has been put together to show you how you can remove blue cast from your photos with ease. But before we start, we encourage you to check out the Sleeklens members club on facebook which you can join by going to or just typing Sleeklens members club on the search tab. This video was a special request by one of our members and you too can place a tutorial request to help you and other members learn something new.

This video was requested by a member who tried to apply the Strike a Pose all-in-one Portrait Golden Preset in Lightroom and notice that this turned the top left corner of the photo blue. This also happened to couple other images. To resolve this issue, we will install the Lightroom presets then we will apply the same presets to our photo and see how things turned out.

To do this, we will go to Lightroom and with our photo ready we will apply the same presets by going to “Stroke a Pose > all-in-one – Golden Preset”. Once we apply this same preset, we get the same effects and the top corner turns blue. The reason it does that is because once you apply the preset, it also applies the Graduated Filter which is effective on how to do the tilt-effect in Adobe. Gradient filters are cool to use in Lightroom and so this is the kind of effects it gives you. It gives more cool tones on top and warmer tones at the bottom.

The easiest way to remove that if you wish to do it is to go to the ‘Gradient tool and click on it. This will open a little node inside the photo and this node is the blue portion that’s being cast in the photo. Under the gradient filters, you will see the ‘Temp’ and this is what is introducing the blue, making the temp cooler. You can either increase the temp towards warmer to match the rest of the photo or go ahead and delete it or have the all-in-one applied to the main portion of the photo.

You will another node in the photo and you can change a few its settings to make it warmer a little bit or just choose to retain the settings just the way they are if you do not have a problem with the appearance. You can also go ahead and delete it if you don’t want to retain it.

That is how you simply correct this kind of effects. If you apply any other presets and see this kind of effect, most likely the cause is the gradient filter. You might want to check this out to see whether this is something you want to keep, change or just delete altogether.

Rating: 0 based on 0 Ratings
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