Editing Landscape Photos with the Maple & Pinecones Autumn Workflow

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  By Jordan Younce
Editing Landscape Photos with the Maple & Pinecones Autumn Workflow www.sleeklens.com

In this video, I will be showing you how to edit your photos using the brand new presets from Sleeklens.com known as the Maple & Pinecones Autumn presets. These presets are great and probably one of my favorites. The presets can be found under the Lightroom tab where you can order them and try them out for yourself.

What makes really great autumn-looking photos are the colors, and that’s why you need those yellows, the greens and the reds. You need those on your photos, and these will put your mind and photos into autumn feel. The first thing I will do is to apply the Maple Autumn Pinecones presets. I am going to do an all-in-one preset starting out. All-in-one presets are great because they are just a one-click and it does everything for you and makes photos look amazing with just one click. You can obviously change things going forward, but it gives you an awesome starting point from where you can go ahead, apply the presets, see what you want to change it and start changing it.

This one I am going to apply the cinematic autumn preset. What signifies a great autumn looking photo is the colors which take over the photo, and that is kind of you want especially when you want to get that feel. So the first thing I will do is to apply the all-in-one presets. All-in-one presets are great since it gives you an awesome starting point to go ahead to see what it gives you and then change what you don’t like or what you do like. I will scroll down to the cinematic autumn preset in the available options and click on it. As you can see how it automatically puts the warm yellow feel to the photo and we have little more details which we didn’t have much before. It looks great and makes the light flowing from the clouds and the fog to strike a little bit thus giving some great results. I can stop here and print this photo, and I’ll be happy.

But let’s go ahead and apply a couple of more things to see what we can do. I don’t normally do this, but I’m going to apply a brush preset. Personally, I don’t apply brush presets in the middle of the editing but always wait until the end, but that is a personal preference. I will go to my brushes and choose maple autumn and hands details. With this picked, I will go ahead and lightly paint over the fog area. This will bring out the details and the trees that are picking into the fog. I don’t want to paint over the fog since I want to keep some of these areas soft. As I do the light painting using the brush presets, I can get the contrast in the light area as I wanted.

This done, I go back to my presets and apply the presets that I will take off the photos and show you how cool it is. I was playing around with this and was impressed. So, I will go down to the Maple & Pinecone Presets and proceed to number 3, portrait; Autumn set and you can see how cool it looks. I like the colors in the sky as it changes the colors to match the sky. The best thing with these presets is that they offer you so many ideas that you can apply to your photos. You have hundreds of the same photo edited in different ways, and they’ll all look great. As I said, I will undo the presets and add a little bit of that feel that I just saw in the last presets by going back to my gradient filter. I could do a brush, but I don’t want rather want to do a gradient filter. Many people do not know that you can use brushes and gradient filter. So I will pick the Maple & Pinecone Autumn Presets and choose the Maple Autumn Light > Shadow golden hours haze.

As you can see in the video, I will do a little bit of drawing, and this will give me a bit of red that I like. The only thing I will do differently is that I will decrease the contrast a little bit since I already have enough contrast in the trees and I just want to make it a little bit softer. I will then click ‘Done”, and I am really happy with my photo. Let’s look at the ‘before and after” and you’ll realize that although the first photo was great, the after picture looks so great with all the details everywhere, colors and everything.

If you like this tutorial, you can learn more by visiting Sleeklens from where you will find a lot more information there which you can download and try them for yourself.

Rating: 5.00 based on 1 Rating
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