Maple & Pinecones Autumn Workflow

Maple & Pinecones Autumn Workflow

With this Lightroom Presets Instantly turn your boring autumn images into eye-catching photos with the Maple and Pinecones Lightroom Workflow. Using this collection you can easily turn your fall images into amazing shots with a fast, easy and professional approach.
  • 38 Autumn Brushes
  • 94 Autumn Presets
  • Easy to Follow Recipe List
  • Instant Download
  • Instructions included
  • Works for Mac and PC users
  • Works with RAW and JPG photos
  • Lightroom 4-6
  • Lightroom CC (Presets Only)
  • Lightroom Classic CC
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Overview of “Maple & Pinecones Autumn Workflow”

94 Presets

1. 22 All in One Presets

  • 21st Century
  • Autumn Cityscape
  • Autumn HDR
  • Autumn Sunset
  • Autumn Vibe
  • Blowing in the Wind
  • Bright Autumn Day
  • Cinematic Autumn
  • Gray Day Saviour
  • Mysterious Cool Autumn
  • November Rain
  • Retro Feeling
  • Shelter from the Storm
  • Soft Autumn
  • Soft Sunrise
  • Starting Out
  • Stormy Autumn Night
  • Transform Into Autumn
  • Washed Out Autumn Colors
  • Washed Out Autumn Cool Split Tone

2. 16 Base Presets

  • Bright Starting Point
  • Clarity
  • Contrasty Monochrome
  • Darken Highlights
  • Dreamy
  • Expanded Dynamic Range
  • Flat Bright
  • Flat Dark
  • High Contrast
  • High Key
  • Lighten Shadows
  • Sharpening and CA
  • Starting Point
  • Vivid

3. 32 Tone Presets

  • Autumn Foliage
  • Autumn Foliage II
  • Autumn Transformation I
  • Autumn Transformation II
  • Autumn Transformation III
  • Basic Autumn Colors
  • Bright Autumn Foliage
  • Bright Autumn Tones
  • Cheer Up Autumn
  • Cinematic Split Tone
  • Cold October Morning
  • Color Pop
  • Cool Split Tone
  • Deep Red Autumn Colors
  • Deep Red
  • Desaturated Autumn Colors
  • Dull Autumn Day
  • Earthy
  • Greenish Retro
  • October Sunrise
  • Revised Cinematic Split Tone
  • Soft and Vivid
  • Subtle Autumn Colors
  • Tangled Up In Blue
  • The Leaves Are Changin’
  • Vintage Autumn
  • Vivid Autumn Colors
  • Warm Shadows
  • Warm Split Tone
  • Winter Is Coming

4. 9 Portrait Presets

  • Autumn Scent
  • Autumn Sunset
  • Dreamy Colors
  • Fields Of Gold
  • Lovely Day
  • Playground
  • Vintage Autumn
  • Walk In A Forest
  • Yellow Mellow

5. 5 Vintage Presets

  • Old Scarecrow
  • Pumpkin Haze
  • Smooth Cotton
  • Soft Wind
  • Sunny Cornfilled

6. 6 B&W Presets

  • Hail Matte
  • Old Dasty Mine
  • Red Wine
  • Super Matte
  • Sweet Contrast
  • Vanilla Cream

7. 4 Light Presets

  • Candle Light
  • Left Sunlight
  • Middle Sunlight
  • Right Sunlight

23 Brushes

1. 10 Color Brushes

  • Autumn Color
  • Blue
  • Cyan
  • Desaturation
  • Fix Red Tinted Skin
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Saturation
  • Yellow

2. 8 Enhance Brushes

  • Autumn Foliage
  • Cloud Sky Definition
  • Details
  • Dreamy Autumn Vibe
  • Silky Smooth
  • Soft Cool Shadows
  • Sunset
  • Warm Highlights

3. 7 Exposure Brush

  • Warm Highlights
  • Brighter Highlights
  • Brighter Shadows
  • Brighter
  • Contrast
  • Darker Highlights
  • Darker Shadows

4. 5 Light Brushes

  • Cool Haze
  • Haze
  • Subtle Golden Hour Haze
  • Subtle Golden tour

5. 6 Portrait Brushes

  • Background Smoother
  • Brighten Eye
  • Burn
  • Dodge
  • Skin Smoother
  • Under Eye Fixer

6. 2 Temperature Brushes

  • Cooler
  • Warmer
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Installing the presets and brushes included in this bundle is very easy. Learn how to do it below with our very easy to understand instructional tutorials.

1. How to install Lightroom Presets

Please refer to our detailed tutorial on how to install Lightroom presets here.

2. How to Install Lightroom Brushes

Please refer to our written tutorial on how to install Lightroom brushes here.

We have included images in all the tutorials too so as to make it as intuitive and easy to follow as possible.

3. How to Stack Lightroom Presets

Please refer to our written tutorial on how to stack Lightroom presets here.

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About Maple and Pinecones

Our Maple & Pinecones Autumn workflow includes 94 autumn Presets and 38 Brushes, which enables you to edit any part of your fall/autumn photos whether it be changing colors, increasing dynamic range, or simply making the autumn tones pop.

These Lightroom Presets will allow you to apply a wide range of effects and adjustments to your images. It is important to keep in mind that these Adobe Lightroom Presets only make non-destructive changes. This means you can revert back to the original image if you make any mistakes. Using this collection of high-quality presets you will be able to not only improve the quality of your images but also make amazing color effects that are meant specifically for fall photography.

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The perfect companion for any photographer
Maple & Pinecones Autumn Workflow
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Verified buyer

What's not to like...this workflow simply nails those autumn colors.

Verified buyer

These presets are so great. They give you wonderful results right away and they are easy to use. You can always fine tune for best results if needed. These presets can give your pictures a real pop up. Really love these.

Verified buyer

Great tool

Verified buyer

Sleeklens presets and brushes are great. I mainly use Lightroom for my personal photos to give them a professional finish. I also use photoshop but I have been using Lightroom more and more. This is due to the awesome presets and brushes provided in the Sleeklens presets. I love the colors in this set.

Verified buyer

Really enjoy working on my photography using this work flow of Maple and Pinecones, with the stackable presets and brushes you can get a total new look on your photos. I really like the brushes because you can work on selective areas of the photo to add light and color.

Verified buyer

I really like all the presets, already played with a bunch of photos I had and I loved how they turned out. I havent tried the brushes though, can't install them, but I am definitely satisfied with my purchase.

Verified buyer

Amazing presets! Perfect for my fall photos.

Verified buyer

Loved the maple and pine cone bundle and as a beginner, it was really easy!!

Verified buyer

Just got it and so far i really like lt

Verified buyer

I have used this workflow to edit a friends engagement pics. It really helped bring out the fall colors.

Verified buyer

exactly the presets I was looking for. i was hiking with my son last time and took some great photos. now I wanted to give back the autumn warm mood and with your presets and brushes it just works perfectly. I will have to buy soon more presets.

Verified buyer

This group of presets is great. I've been playing around with some old photos to get the hang of everything for the last few days and am having a blast. I can't wait until the leaves start changing so I can get out and shoot the northeast colors. Being able to mix and match different presets within the group makes everything extremely user friendly. If you are up in the air I would say download the free presets and play around a bit, once you see how much time you can save you'll want to get the rest.

Verified buyer

nice choice for my shots :) Super !

Verified buyer

am loving the workflow presets from sleeklens. they are not overdone and you can edit your images with a very natural feel and look. wish i had come to this site earlier and not wasted money elsewhere.

Verified buyer

It's truly amazing what you can achieve with these presets. I build my one presets, this makes my photography a bit more unique, but I must admit that sleeklens' set got me to another level of capabilities and consistency. I highly recommend M&P workflow.

Verified buyer

MAPLE & PINECONES AUTUMN WORKFLOW. As a nature photographer I love the colours of sunsets and sunrises and especially the beauty of autumn. I love the reds, the yellows and all the rich vibrant colours. Now it is all here in these "Maple and Pine" presets. If you just want to enhance the colours of an image or turn a nondescript image into a work of art. These workflows are for you. I love this "Autumn and Pine" collection and it compliments my "Through The Woods" and "Landscape Essentials" work flows. The great thing about presets is they can inspire you to create your images in ways you did not think about because they all offer different light and color effects. Sleeklens presets are whole lot better than some others I have tried. I can't wait for when they create the "SUNSET and SUNRISE WORKFLOW." Are you listening guys?

Verified buyer


Verified buyer

MAPLE & PINECONES AUTUMN WORKFLOW I came across this a few days ago like it so decided to purchase it this will make a big difference to my landscape and forest workflow as a good starting point and the ability to stack the presets and brushes ,it's very easy to install and use. Over all I'm very pleased with this package and it will my a big difference to the way I edited my photos

Verified buyer

Purchased this preset a couple of days ago. Very easy to download and install in to Lightroom. Having fun trying all the combinations available. Very pleased with my purchase.

Verified buyer

I only bought the MAPLE & PINECONES AUTUMN WORKFLOW a few days ago and I'm very impressed. They looked good in the pictures they were displaying on the site but how would they look on mine? I easily installed the presets thanks to the videos provided on I'm very happy with the final results of my pictures. Truth be told I only came on here to get "the Starter Pack" since it was free. I feel like my money was well invested.

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