How to Change Eye Color in Adobe Lightroom

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  By Jordan Younce
How to Change Eye Color in Adobe Lightroom

In this video, I will show you to change eye color in Adobe Lightroom. Changing eye color in Adobe Lightroom is very simple, and you need one tool, and that is the adjustment brush. Before we get started, I will zoom in on the eyes in our image so as to have a better idea, a better way to select the eyes.

On the Lightroom presets, I will click on the “K” key on my keyboard to select the adjustment brush. With my adjustment brush available, I can draw anything I want to, but I will lower the size of the brush a little bit. You can use the left or right bracket (/) keys on the keyboard to increase or lower the size of the brush. I will make one quick basic selection by lowering the exposure first to help see what I am doing. I will then paint on the eyes to make them dark, and this is okay since I can later change that. If you mess up anything during this process, you can hold the Alt option key on the keyboard, and you’ll get an eraser effect to get rid of any mess on your image.

I now have my selection I will up the exposure back to where it normally is. This is where I can play with the colors and this I can do by clicking on the color box which gives plenty of options to choose from. Here I can move my eye dropper and see all the colors I can change. I will do a haze kind of eye, and it looks okay and better than it was. Now I can take the exposure down and play with how intense I want it to be. If I want to play around with more colors without touching the color box, I can use the Temp and Tint. In our image, you can see that by increasing the temp a bit, I am warming the image a little bit, but I can also take the tint down a bit to add a little more green. You can play around with the options, but we will click ‘Done’, and you can see the before and after and realize the difference especially when you zoom out, the color change is really warm and blends in perfectly well. Thus, it is important to know the features of lightroom and you have to install the Lightroom presets also so you can explore more.

But let’s say I want to change the eye color again if I don’t like it. I will go back to the adjustment brush, click on a little node, click on the colors again and start messing around with the colors. I can go all the way down and do a nice rich blue which gives a little more intensity to the models color. That is how simple it is to change eye colors in Adobe Lightroom.
I hope you enjoyed that short, quick tutorial and you can visit for more tutorials, Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions among other products.

Rating: 5.00 based on 3 Ratings
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