Vignetting in Adobe Photoshop Using Actions

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  By Jordan Younce
Vignetting in Adobe Photoshop Using Actions

This tutorial is all about vignetting in Photoshop. Vignetting is typically known for the darkening of the edges around your photos. It is something cool to have in your photos as it draws the viewers to where you want them to look at. However, it is sometimes unwanted, so if you have a different kind of lens that tends to have a heavy vignetting on it and you want to have a clear, crisp modern image, then removing the vignetting will be the most advisable thing to do. But some of the cool vignettes available are ones that are not too harsh as seen in our first photo.

With our old rustic vintage photo loaded in Photoshop, we will go to “Filter > Lens correction”. This is where we apply the camera profile for this image so it can automatically do distortion and vignetting removal. But w will go ahead and take the ‘Vignetting’ down a bit. In most cases, vignetting is normally worse than this but our image could also be considered to have a bad vignette. So, we will reduce the vignette to get the right vignette. However, if you want to remove it, you can increase the brightness and lighten up a bit.

However, one of the favorite things to do will be to use PS Actions for Vignetting. To get these actions, just go to “Windows > Actions” and you will find a couple of actions there. You can choose any of the actions but we will choose “Vignette-Tone-Vignette”. We will pick that and get a number of options. We have brownish vignette, Blue vignette, white vignette and a typical dark vignette. You can choose a couple of these options and adjust the settings to give you the cool effects you are looking for. You can combine different effects and play around with them to get what pleases your eyes.

There are numerous vignetting options available from and you can head there to check which one best works for you. From, just click on ‘Photoshop’ and you will have access to a number of options available there.

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Rating: 3.67 based on 3 Ratings
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