Through the Woods Workflow Recipe Guide Preview

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  By Jordan Younce
Through the Woods Workflow Recipe Guide Preview

I will use this tutorial to show you how you can edit your photos using Through the Woods Recipe from This recipe comes from the recipe guide that you receive every time you order one of the presets from You get a before and after and some cool effects you can apply to your photos and it shows you the exact presets and brushes you need to use in order to get similar effects as those you see in the images.

To get started, we will use the already uploaded image and although it is not similar to the photos that you see in the examples, we will create a different looking photo and bring out the highlights, bring some colors to the foreground and give more definitions to the sky.
To do this, the first preset we need to apply is the Through the Woods – All-in-One –Warm Shadows. This will change the color a little bit, brings about some more definition, and more clarity to the foreground and the sky.

The next step is to apply a preset that adds more contrast to the image. The best for this will be Through the Woods – Polish- Add Contrast. When I click this, it adds more contrast, darkening of the shadows and lightening of the highlights. We will then apply ‘Through the Woods – Polish – Add Clarity and this will add clarity to the image. These are the main presets that we need to apply.

The next step will be to use our brushes and to do this; we will go to ‘Effects > Through the Woods – Haze – Golden’ make the brush a little larger and then paint over the grass to make it a little brighter. The next brush I will use is the “Through the Woods – Cloudy Sky Definition. I will click ‘New > Through the Woods – Effects-Cloudy Sky Definition. It is always important to choose ‘New’ when taking this step and then choose your desired brush. I will then paint the sky and if it is a bit too dark and maybe the sky has some too dark spots, it is good to increase the exposure to help it blend in well.

The nest brush I will use is the Through the Woods – Subtle Sunset Haze. So, I will click New > Through the Woods – Subtle Sunset Haze’ and then paint midway through the grass just to add some color to it. This will keep the green color but add some golden effect on the grass, leaving it looking like maturing wheat.

With that having been done, you can have a look at the before and after to see the changes you applied to the image. It is obvious that the before and after will have clear differences. The ‘before’ image looks a little flat but the ‘after’ photo is brightened up a little bit and looks more catchy with a bit of character added to it.

That is a good example of using Through the Woods presets from and if you want to see how much more you can achieve with this collection, you can find it by clicking the Lightroom Tab on the website. You can also find other great collections for both Lightroom and Photoshop to help you with your photo edits.

Rating: 5.00 based on 4 Ratings
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  1. Anthony F. Antao Guest

    Sleeklens presets are great product. I use their through the woods along with the starter pack presets. This makes editing my photos much faster. This product is perfect for me for my landscape photography.