Runway Fashion Workflow: Recipe Guide Preview

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  By Jordan Younce
Runway Fashion Workflow: Recipe Guide Preview

In this tutorial, I will show you how to edit your photos using the Runway Fashion Presets from Sleeklens. This edit comes from the recipe guides which you get when you purchase the presets. You will get a bunch of before and after and we will be using one of the ‘before and after’ images. This gives you the exact presets and brushes you need to apply to edit your images and it’ll make your photo to stand out really well with a couple of quick touches.

With my photo uploaded, I will reset everything and make sure that all the defaults are there. As mentioned earlier, I will be using the Runway Fashion Presets and once it’s loaded and open, I will expand it and choose the “Runway Fashion Workflow – 10 –Fashion – Dorian. I will click on that and it’ll automatically have some effects on the image. I will then select the “Runaway Fashion Workflow – 1- Basic Collection – Auto Lens Collection. The next one will be the Runway Fashion Workflow – 7 – Vignette Effects – Black Vignette – Light. This gives us a very nice vignette, subtle and brings out the light in.

I will finally apply the last preset and this time it’ll be the Runway Fashion Workflow – 5- Hue/Color –Medium Red. This takes a little bit of the reds up but bumps the color of the skin a little bit making them look more natural.

With this done, I will now turn to the brushes and apply a few. To access the brushes, I will click ‘New’ and then under the effects, I will choose the Runway Fashion Workflow – Soften Skin. This is one of my favorite brushes especially for portraits it does a really fantastic job of making the skin look really soft and doll-like without making it look fake. I will paint the face, decrease the brush size a little bit to help me get everything perfectly well. Once I’m through with the painting, I will click done and you can see the before and after images.

One of the things that make this brush my favorite is that as you click and zoom at the two images, you can see the detail and basically all the pores in the before photo but as you look at the after image, the pores are smoothed out making the image look more model-like or natural looking. As we zoom out, one thing you will also notice that the sleeve on the details in the model tattoo wasn’t messed up by the brush but made the skin smoothen out around there and this is really great.

The brush takes away the boring colors and details and makes them pop out to make your images really great. To learn more about this, you can check our other tutorials or play around with the different recipes available with every workflow you purchase.

Rating: 4.00 based on 2 Ratings
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