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The Landscape Essentials Workflow Bundle

The Landscape Essentials Workflow Bundle

Editing Landscapes can be a lot of fun, but it can be incredibly time-consuming as well. Our ”Landscape Essentials” Workflow combines our best selling “Through The Woods”, "Brick and Mortar" & “Out of the Shadows” bundles for a fraction of the original price. These Lightroom landscape bundles are made to cut your editing time in half, while also allowing you to create the best possible image.
  • 195 Presets
  • 87 Brushes
  • access to private Lightroom Facebook Group
  • Easy to Follow Recipe List
  • Instant Download
  • Works for Mac and PC users
  • Works with RAW and JPG photos
  • Lightroom 4-6
  • Lightroom CC (Presets Only)
  • Lightroom Classic CC
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Installing the presets and brushes included in this bundle is very easy. Learn how to do it below with our very easy to understand instructional tutorials.

1. How to install Lightroom Presets

If you prefer reading, see our detailed tutorial on how to install Lightroom presets here.

2. How to Install Lightroom Brushes

You can also read our written tutorial on how to install Lightroom brushes.

We have included images in all the tutorials too so as to make it as intuitive and easy to follow as possible.

3. How to Stack Lightroom Presets

Don’t miss our written tutorial on how to stack Lightroom presets.

Read more
Landscape Essentials Workflow

With this Workflow you will be able to edit any landscape image you might have – Just take a look at some of the previews above or watch our speed editing videos below.

Before and Afters
What is included:
195 Presets Designed for Enhancing Your Landscape Photographs
These presets are specifically designed for landscape photography and can greatly enhance your photos in just a few clicks.
87 Custom Brushes Perfect for Local Adjustments
Our brushes give you the ability to make even the smallest adjustments to your landscape photos.
Fully Customizable & Stackable Actions
Stackable presets allow you to apply a endless combination of edits to your photos so you can find your own style and the perfect effects for your photos.
Installation Instructions
Easy to follow installation Instructions for both PC and MacOs Operating Systems.
Recipe Guides
Our recipe guides include sample before and after photos showing the exact workflow combination used to help jumpstart your creative edits.
Sleeklens Members Club Access
Access to the Sleeklens Members Club Facebook Group page where you can share your photos, ask for help and stay up-to-date on future products.
The perfect companion for any photographer
The Landscape Essentials Workflow Bundle
Reviews for The Landscape Essentials Workflow Bundle
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Verified buyer

An amazing starting point for photo editing

Verified buyer

After I used a few free presets I decided to invest into the proper one. I don't regret it at all because it just makes a great photo even better.

Verified buyer

I am really pleased with the Landscape Essential Bundle. Excellent results and I am learning about the power of the editing tools by following the workflow. This was my first venture into presets and certainly wont be my last. Highly recommended.

Verified buyer

J'ai des bases sur lightroom mais je ne suis pas toujours très à l'aise, ces presets me permettent de me guider pour parvenir au résultat souhaité.

Verified buyer

Vraimemt bien conçu. S'intègre parfaitement à mon flux de travail. Un réel gain de temps. Une vraie réussite !!!

Verified buyer

Fantastic set of workflow and brushes.

Verified buyer

I'm a new photographer and I'm finding both the Landscape Essentials Workflow bundle and tutorials to be enhancing my skills.

Verified buyer

Still an amateur but this workflow bundle has helped me take my photographs to the next level. Great product!

Verified buyer

I like this bundle a lot because it really helps me find a starting place when I edit my photos. I usually always tweak after I add a preset, but it starts me out in places I never would have gotten to on my own.

Verified buyer

I find the Landscape essentials helps get me inspired when I hit a wall or am in a rut creatively. The new preview feature in Lightroom let's you get a better idea of what you get instead of just a thumbnail view. I love reviewing some of my older pictures and spicing them up with a new look. Many presets are far beyond anything I could come up with on my own and studying them help me get new ideas about creating my own edits. Worth every penny!

Verified buyer

Very nice preset package. Definitely worth the money.

Verified buyer

Interesting package, helpful for landscape and travel photography. I love most the brushes! I suggest it.

Verified buyer

A lot of really great and versatile tools! I found that there is something that I can use in virtually every application/photography style. It has given me a lot of great inspiration and has led to me adjusting my photography style based off the amazing results I can create using these presets! Highly recommended.

Verified buyer

Excellent presets, reduced the amount of time I spent on editing my photos!

Verified buyer

Started out with the free landscape presets and then decided to purchase the landscape bundle. I'm glad I did, just makes great photographs even better.

Verified buyer

Incredible package. Has lots of options for any type of landscapes in any circumstance. I have never seen a bad picture after using this workflow bundle. I use this with my drone, and the pictures are flattering. Thanks Sleeklens!

Verified buyer

I bought the presets and brushes to process photos I hope to take on an upcoming trip. The few "practice" trials seem very promising. They are easy and intuitive to use. Furthermore I expect them to reduce considerably my processing time. They were easy to install. I look forward to using them when I return from my trip.

Verified buyer

These are very nice presets. Very useful.

Verified buyer

Very nice. Has saved me hours of tweaking LR in just the first week of use.

Verified buyer

I'm just an amateur photog and prefer to shoot landscapes. This bundle is fantastic! It has so many presets to suit different scenes. You can also tweak them to achieve your own personal style. Great deal! Thank you.

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