Hide And Seek Collection

Hide And Seek Collection

Hide and Seek Collection is a pack of 78 Photoshop actions dedicated to outdoor photography post-production luminous and radiant effects to enjoy a beautiful sunny day!
  • 78 Outdoor Photoshop Actions
  • Easy to Follow Recipe List
  • Instant Download
  • Works for Mac and PC users
  • Works with RAW and JPG photos
  • Photoshop 4-6
  • Photoshop CC
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Learn how to install and use the included Photoshop actions by watching the easy to follow video below:

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About Hide and Seek

Outdoor Photography or as we like to call it, Nature Photography, is the name in which we classify all those photos were taken outdoors, whose aim is to show the beauty of nature, landscapes, wildlife, plants, etc. Closely linked to Landscape Photography, this subject is truly a lifestyle on its own rather than a simple approach of sorts. By gathering all these elements, here at Sleeklens we decided to honor the beauty of Outdoor Photography in a fun and simple way. You can now have the ability to make your subjects really pop, in an outdoor setting. With “Hide and Seek Collection” you can give more separation between your subject and the background. You will also be able to effectively focus the light on your subject while maintaining the natural beauty of the outdoors.

With the success of our bundles for Adobe Lightroom and looking to complement our solutions for Photoshop, we have reinvented the concept of actions for outdoor photography, turning them into complex, yet user-friendly workflows that will guarantee quality finished work every time. “Hide and Seek Collection” is made up of stackable actions that won’t cancel out the effects of one another, while keeping to the non-destructive interface, giving the user fast, effective and creative solutions in just one click! Our Hide and Seek Collection gives you the tools needed to gives you the tools needed to adjust the light, sharpen colors, and strengthen the focus on your primary subject while keeping the natural surroundings in the background, among many other capabilities. With all of this at your fingertips, you are sure to cut down the time spent on editing thus making this a must-have-tool, not to mention the added creativity you will be able to put into your finished work. This workflow includes some of the best Photoshop actions for outdoor portraits.

Before and Afters
What is included:
78 Actions Designed for Beautiful Eye-catching Portraits
These actions are specifically designed for landscape and urban photography so you can greatly enhance your photos in just a few clicks.
Works With Both RAW and JPEG File Formats
Whether you are shooting RAW or JPEG, these Photoshop Actions will give you amazing results.
Installation Instructions
Easy to follow installation Instructions for both PC and MacOs Operating Systems.
Recipe Guides
Our recipe guides include sample before and after photos showing the exact workflow combination used to help jumpstart your creative edits.
Instant Download
Immediately after you purchase your Photoshop Actions, you will be sent a link to start downloading and start making great photos.
Sleeklens Members Club Access
Access to the Sleeklens Members Club Facebook Group page where you can share your photos, ask for help and stay up-to-date on future products.
The perfect companion for any photographer
Hide And Seek Collection
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Verified buyer

I would recommend these actions to anyone who likes subtle changes in portraits as well as enhancing what is already there in the background/landscape. I work in very harsh light and pulling the natural details out got easier with these actions.

Verified buyer

Love the hide and seek collection! So easy to use!

Verified buyer

This was the first set of actions I purchased. Everything about this purchase was wonderful, from installation to instructions, to using them. They have truly made my outdoor photos pop with much less time. So happy I purchased.

Verified buyer

Nice set of actions. They add some lovely tones to photos and make the work flow easier.

Verified buyer

Really wonderful actions. I got to try these out and have purchased lots of actions from other places and I fell in love with these right away! it make dull photos come alive with color.

Verified buyer

I would recommend these collections. Very easy to use and it caters to most of my editing tools.

Verified buyer

With an upcoming wedding on my belt, i was stressing out about editing as i knew the amount of work would be alot, i scouted the internet for good clean photoshop actions that would cut my workflow in half, thats when i stumbled on sleeklens actions. The actions are amazing and fit my photographic editing style. My clients are happy with the edits. I have also purchased the potrait and fashion sleeklens actions, all of them are amazing. I highly recommend it

Verified buyer

So far I am loving my new actions. I would love to see video on your newborn actions. Will be purchasing more as time goes on. Thank you

Verified buyer

Just purchased this action set and I haven't had opportunity yet to work through them all, but the ones I have already used works perfectly! I do a lot of outdoor photography and these actions are just what I need to give my photos the finish touch I have been looking for.

Verified buyer

4.5 stars. A very robust set of actions with a lot of great portrait editing tools included. If I had one nitpick-y suggestion, it would be that I'd love more light treatments — outdoor photography often has special lighting needs beyond under and over exposed, and it would be awesome to see those addressed. But even without that this collection is well worth the money and a tool I see myself using often.

Verified buyer

I really love this set. It speaks to my soul... and makes creating a dream ease. I just used the set to edit a birthday party at the park. Perfection!

Verified buyer

I was glad to see a new company offering Photoshop Actions! I use actions all the time and love the fact that someone finally made a collection for outdoor portraits to include the portrait retouch in the same collection so I don't have to keep bouncing around different collections. I am extremely impressed with the retouch features that are easy to use and deliver great results. Thanks for all your hard work!

Verified buyer

Having chased what seemed like the entire Internet for a good product that would help my photos 'behave' the way I wanted, I'd all but given up . . . UNTIL I discovered Sleek Lens. I've enjoyed brilliant results using these purchased actions. A definite recommendation for anyone serious about enhancing your output to levels only once imaginable.

Verified buyer

So easy to use! Love it!

Verified buyer

Love these! They are wonderful to add that "something extra" to your photographs!!

Verified buyer

A beautiful collection of actions that is easy to use. The skin smoothing action is awesome. This action set is a great place to start as an all-in-one collection for outdoor portrait photography. I am new to using actions, but can say that these are simple to install and very easy to use. Combine them with a wacom tablet for precise and beautiful portraits. When I decide to purchase more actions, SLeekLens is where I will go.

Verified buyer

I love these actions. I had a ton of pictures to edit and send out and this greatly increased my workflow capabilities! I highly recommend these actions. I can’t wait to try more. Definitely helps streamline the process and I really like how you can stack the presets.

Verified buyer

Good actions. Easy to use and nice pictures.

Verified buyer

Great Actions, easy to work with, and they give your pictures a very special look. Highly recommended!

Verified buyer

Well written actions. Can't complain

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