Torrents and illegal free downloads of sleeklens products

How we deal with and take legal action against privacy violations and torrents of our products.

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Be careful about your next step. We take and have taken legal action against illegal downloads.


In the digital age, one of the biggest problems we have is intellectual property theft, i.e the theft of products that are the result of someone’s intellectual work and creativity. It is becoming harder and harder to contain this criminal activity, but from 2014-17 have seen a surge in the tools available to companies like Sleeklens to combat this problem. We have teamed up with other digital service providers and ISPs to track down, remove, and take legal action against those who host and download Sleeklens torrents and free downloads.


We do this is by scouring the internet on a daily basis to find those who may be hosting or distributing our products. We do this in collaboration with other companies who look out for us as we look out for them, such that whenever one of us sees the products of any of us being distributed free of charge, it is reported and those downloads are taken down. There is a strong legal framework supporting these removals and legal actions, and other companies have seen arrests as well as prosecutions arise from the use of such collaborative efforts. We have obtained lists of IPs who have downloaded our products through torrents and other illigal websites.  We currently monitor IPs on over 100 torrent sites to make sure our products aren’t available there and to track down anyone who downloads from them.


We are also constantly engaged with companies and governments for whom torrents and illegal downloads are a concern. We share the same philosophies as far as illegal downloads and free distribution of intellectual property are concerned. We believe that intellectual and digital rights should be respected, and this is why we have teamed up with all these entities to ensure that this criminal activity does not continue unabated.


In Europe, governments have put in place “six strike laws” where you, if you are found to have pirated software or digital intellectual properties, are banned from accessing the internet for life. This is one example of the many tools we have at our disposal, and we are continually taking steps to prevent torrenting of free Sleeklens downloads or distributing our products free of charge.


We, as well as our partners, are currently involved in talks with the United Sates Government to find new ways of tracking down and shutting down all of these illegal activities and letting the law run its course. We are continually improving our detection mechanisms as well as pushing the United States government to find new ways to combat these illegal activities, as most of them take place under American and European jurisdictions.

The use of Proxies, VPNs, and fake IPs

We know that many people who download and distribute free Sleeklens downloads make use of proxies, fake IPs, and VPNs. While there is little we can do to identify users behind VPNs, we ban entire IP ranges and report then to the relevant authorities for investigation and appropriate legal action. We also work with many VPN companies who keep logs which enables us to get personal information even when using a VPN.


As for proxies and IPs, we constantly track and ban users visiting from these IP addresses. We also track and get as many details about these users a possible, and then report then to the relevant authorities so we can take the proper legal action. The fight against illegal downloads as well as Sleeklens torrents will not stop here. We will continue to monitor, investigate, ban, and take legal action against people, websites, and servers who host, distribute, or resell our presets without following the proper procedures.


We have a very detailed Terms of Service page for you to use as a point of reference for the use of our presets, both free and paid. This page also states in no uncertain terms what you cannot do with our presets. If you have any questions regarding our Terms of Service page, we encourage you to get in touch with us and we will get back to you.


We at Sleeklens reiterate that we will not hesitate to pursue, research, ban, report, and take any and all legal actions against persons, companies, or entities that distribute, pirate, torrent or in any other way distribute and/or resell our presets.


We encourage you to report to us any cases of free distribution of our presets. This will help keep us in business and ensure that we can continue bringing you the best presets for a long time to come.

Thank you for your continued support.