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Beginning in Real Estate Photography










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ryone! This is Jordan from Sleeklens.com, and I believe is the forty-third episode of the Sleeklen



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ou all for coming back and joining me in this podcast; today I’m very excited to come to talk about a subject that is very near and dear to my heart and that is real estate photography. I am primarily a real estate photographer, so I wanted to come to talk about real estate photography. There are people out there who want to get into photography and they don’t really prefer weddings or taking portraits or anything like that, so they might be looking for a specific field to try to hone and try to develop their style. And a lot of people actually pass over real estate photography. Now, I’m not saying if you don’t enjoy taking pictures of rooms, or buildings, or something like that or architecture that this is probably still not to be the right field for you, but real estate photography is coming one of those untapped markets. It’s kind of growing in popularity now; more popular than it used to be but now when people are looking for those real estate photographers, those guys that really just do real estate photography and really nothing else, this, this time of the era here is actually what is actually going on. That people are looking for those types photographers all over the place; so it is becoming a sort of a bigger deal.

So, what I want to talk about in this particular episode are some very simple tips for getting started in real estate photography. This can be a lot of simple things that just for example number one. Obviously, you’re going to probably need to use a tripod that is the first tip. There’s not a lot of real estate photographers out there that go in and just handhold it all the time. Even if you’re very experienced in flash photography. There is you know, you’re not gonna find those who just go in there and have the camera strapped around her neck go into a building and start shooting photos, you really not gonna find that. So a tripod is obviously a big deal, but it’s gonna be tips similar to that when it comes to getting started in real estate photography, and I’m really psyched about this topic. So again was going to jump into it. Start talking about these cool tips for getting started in real estate photography if you actually thought about that before.

Tip #1 – Get a tripod

Right. So, as I mentioned using a tripod is probably the first tip that you’re actually going to hear a lot of real estate photographer say. That’s because you want to make sure you have a really steady surface. A really steady platform to be able to do all the kinds of techniques when it comes to taking photos that you can. You have HDR, you have flash; doing a full ambient shot – which is combining an ambient shot and flash out together. It can be very hard to do a lot of that if you don’t have a tripod. Especially are really starting, a lot of people think going to the local big, box store and buying a $20 tripod that’s made of probably the cheapest aluminium possible that’s going to suffice. And it’s not going to. You, again, need a really, really sturdy tripod – preferably one with a gearhead, because using a gearhea



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low you to make these really fine-tune adjustments. If you have a ball head tripod, by chance, you can find that you know you have what’s called like a slump when you’re dialling in your tripod there.


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