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Ines Perkovic
My name is Ines Perkovic. I am a history professor, blogger and photographer from Croatia who likes to capture the simplicity of life imbued by God’s daily blessings. When it comes to my passion for photography, I can’t really tell for sure what first triggered it. Maybe when I got my first digital camera (3mpx) that was later on used all the time. I believe I was 18 at the time. I’ve always been interested in art. Back in the days, it was drawing and painting. Who knew I would continue the passion in such a different way. As the time passed, I’ve developed a style (with lots of trial and error) and met some extraordinary people who became one of my biggest inspirations. I am a Nikon girl. Right now, I shoot with a D800 but my first DSLR was D80. I love Photoshop and filmy post processing. My dream is to shoot film, as well.

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