The Most Important Thing Photography Has Taught These 10 Photographers

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Taya Ivanova
  By Taya Ivanova
The Most Important Thing Photography Has Taught These 10 Photographers

The most important lesson for me has been becoming comfortable with other people, and learning how to make them feel comfortable.  When I first started photography, I wasn’t shooting portraits.  I was honestly a little scared to start photographing people, because I am not a very relaxed or “cool” person. I am a bit intense and old-fashioned.  When I made the leap to photographing people, though, I found wonderful opportunities to connect with others through shared creative endeavours.

There has been a second important lesson, though.  Photography has also taught me to look for beauty and interest in all my surroundings.  Whether I am looking at a person, a building, a plant, or a pile of garbage, I still try to perceive it the same way.  It is a wonderful and fascinating thing!


One of the things I’ve learned from photography and photographers is that what people chose to photograph will tell you what is important to them.


That beauty is found in all places big and small, but you have to really look for it. Expression is a form a commutative beauty, let the world around you be a part of who you are. Photography allows you to open yourself up to your own world, and the world of others.


Look at the whole frame, elements you don’t notice in life are glaring in photograph


To be patient. The light will come in the end. Maybe not today but soon. You can’t rush nature.


It taught me not to worry about looking or sounding stupid in order to get a good shot. Sometimes I’ll have to stand at a really weird angle, or give a model a million directions like “turn a little to the left… a little more… a little more… now a little less…” but all of that is worth it for the amazing shot. I used to avoid doing this because of anxiety and ended up disappointed with pictures that were almost great but not quite, but now I know that even if people think I’m weird, they’ll understand when they see the final product.


Photography has taught me that there can be infinite ways of looking at one object or a thing or a situation. And that a slight change of perspective can change everything, it can turn reality upside down (or what we think of as reality).

Also, sometimes we are unable to see the beauty of a moment because we focus on what could have been or what should have been, that we forget to focus on and appreciate and be thankful for what we already have in our lens. And sometimes to make a big change a slight change of focus and perspective is enough.


Probably that there’s no right and wrong solutions, as long as you try hard enough there will always be people who appreciate your approach and style.


Looking for another point of view that makes you discover beauty.


That time flies by quickly, at it’s important to capture the little things.



What’s the most important thing that photography has taught you? Let us know in the comments!

Rating: 4.50 based on 8 Ratings
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Taya Ivanova
I'm an admirer of nature, a photographer, and a curious reader. Writing about photography and helping others improve is a growing passion of mine. My constant wish is to inspire others to be creatively fearless and endlessly curious. "Always dream bigger is my advice to you, because you can have whatever your heart desires" - Ashley Graham

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