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Feel Festive in Jakarta: Christmas Spirit in Indonesia

As the year approaches to an end, with the Christmas spirit still fresh and still enjoying the holidays together, we wonder what Christmas means in Jakarta, Indonesia. Christmas is a holiday season celebrated by almost everyone today not just by a certain ethnicity or religion. Many people enjoy the spirit it brings, the joy, the peace and the bliss it makes one feel during this season. Christmas can be interpreted in many ways and people take this time of the year to give back to society, to help the needy or even to give selflessly. In Indonesia, being the largest Muslim population, the most celebrated Holiday is Eid/Idul Fitri. Although, now, Christmas is beginning to be recognized and celebrated more by people in Indonesia. The festive atmosphere in Indonesia, can only be felt in the malls around the city with their extensive and colorful decor.

In a tropical city like Jakarta, we do not have the pleasure of enjoying the cold weather or to see the snow but we get to feel the spirit of joy through our friends who celebrate this joyful occasion or by listening to Christmas carols in various places around the city.  Unfortunately, as Christmas is a normal public holiday, the roads and streets in the city are not decorated with lights and ornaments.

Christmas has always been a favorite holiday for me. This merry season has always brought me a feeling of joy, warmth and excitement. For me, during this festive end of the year season, it is more of winding down and enjoying the break from a well-spent hectic year.

I shall share pictures of the holiday spirit that I found in various aspects and decorations. The small ornaments and details that have made Christmas a celebrated festive season everywhere, are what the pictures shared below will be about. The photos are a mix of last year and this year. They have all been captured using iPhone, edited using various apps: Snapseed/Tadaa/Hipstamatic.


This was a very interesting display found in Body Shop last year. The snowmen creatively decorated on the Christmas Gift boxes intrigued me to capture it from various angles. My focus was to try to get the green and white together in one complete image.


With lights all over this tall Christmas tree, at a nearby mall, it was a perfect opportunity to try some bokeh.


Still fascinated with the tree, the Christmas balls and colourful lights motivated me to capture this image using Hipstamatic.


Wreaths a customary decoration on doors or home interiors based on ancient beliefs are made of evergreens constructed to resemble a ring and symbolizing strength. This beautiful wreath, I found on the front door of a residence. It was captured using my native iPhone 6S camera. I edited this using Hipstamatic as I wanted to give it a rustic touch.


A beautiful framed setting done by TWG Tea at a nearby mall.
As I was walking, I noticed a girl sitting next to the teddy bear and her friend taking a picture of her.
The colours and moment itself intrigued me to capture it as it is.
A cute Christmas tree cut out decor piece, was something I couldn’t miss capturing.
I edited the image using Tadaa and Over apps to add a Winter feeling to the image.
Trying out a looking up perspective, that was decorated with this lovely colourful decor.

A day after Christmas, at a mall nearby, I found this decor in blue and white and people were taking pictures in front of it.
This scene plus the busyness around the mall, tempted me to click a snap.

Using Hipstamatic, I wanted to change the mood to nostalgia thus, changed the colour to a black and white image.


Lastly, adding a touch of patriotism, this shot was captured last year at a painting exhibition.
The red and white colours portrayed here, which are also the colours of our national flag, illustrates the Christmas colours in it’s own way.
I added this image only to show the connection to Christmas through the Indonesian colours.

Through all the photos above, I have tried to share the spirit of this festive season in my country.
Capturing various moments from different perspectives and angles, and adding a touch of edits to bring the festive mood alive.

Christmas may not hold a special meaning to me, but someday, I would love to experience this season in countries that celebrate it. So, I can also experience the spirit of joy and bliss. Wishing you a peaceful holiday season!

Adding Light Leaks In Lightroom

It can be fun to shoot in the summer or when it is sunny outside. Capturing light flares and light leaks add a little extra to your photos, improve dull photos in Lightroom, and creating more interest.

In both situations it takes light hitting your camera to create the effect. So what happens when you do not the right light or you are not in the right position to create these effects, which are sometimes looked as mistakes. Well, what you do is you create your own effect on location or in post processing. Today we are going to create a light leak using the Forgotten Postcards Vintage preset and the brush from the Chasing Light Workflow bundle. Know more about Lightroom presets here.

1 – What is a light leak?

A light leak is when there is a gap or hole in the camera body where light can get in and expose the sensor to unintended light. This is often seen as a problem or unintended mistake that happens, but it can look great and be used as an artistic choice in certain images. Now that we know what a light leak is let’s look at the starting point of the image for this tutorial. And if you want to know more about presets, click here.

Arnel Hasanovic Creating Light Leak in Lightroom

2 – Color Editing

I first start out with editing the colors of the image. I had a lot of the sky that was blown out because of the light I was facing. I was indoors where the subjects back were facing a dark area with not much light hitting it. In order to get a good exposure on the back of the hair and the subject, I have to expose enough which in turn gave me some blown out highlights. Losing the highlights was not that big of a concern for me as the subject is what I was really focusing on. You can see that I wanted the colors of the shorts to pop against the white shirt. I also cropped the image to get rid of some of the distracting elements and to get a little tighter crop.

Arnel Hasanovic Creating Light Leak in Lightroom Tutorial

3 – Adding the Preset

After I had the colors I wanted I then went into the Forgotten Postcards Bundle and used the Light Leak 9 Preset. What this did is add a preset of color on left and right sides of my image. You can achieve a similar and more customized leak using the Adjustment Brush panel which is in the next step.

Arnel Hasanovic Creating Light Leak in Lightroom Tutorial

4 – Using Adjustment Brush

To achieve a customized light leak you can use the Adjustment Brush to add your desired color, size and shape of the leak. After installing the brush set from the Chasing Light Workflow I chose the “Add Golden Sun” brush and brushed the bottom right corner of the image to fill in more of that light leak effect to the image that the preset did not cover.

Arnel Hasanovic Creating Light Leak in Lightroom Tutorial

5 – Conclusion

If you look on the bottom right you can see the area I used the brush to add more own desired light leak. You can use this technique for the whole image and create all of the light leaks or you can start with a preset and fine tune it using the Adjustment Brush. To mimic it better or to match the light in the image you can sample a color and use that color for your brush if the red/orange in the presets does not fit the color you want to achieve. If you need a refresher on how to import brushes and presets then check out our tutorial.

Arnel Hasanovic Creating Light Leak in Lightroom Tutorial