Sleeklens Editing Service FAQs

To give our clients the best experience when working with our Professional Photo Editing Service, we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions we have been getting so far.

Q.: I need to edit a photo I took with my mobile phone…

A.: We DO NOT edit mobile phone photos, regardless of the brand/model of the phone used to take the photo. The reason for this is that many aspects can alter the overall quality of the photo, such as smudges in the lens, blurriness, not enough resolution to work with the photo, grainy photos (especially for night photographs), etc. As we aim to provide the best service for our clients, the working material also needs to meet certain requirements.

Q.: I need these photos to be edited within 12 hrs

A.: Unfortunately we require a minimum of 24 hrs to process orders as we work under demand. Perhaps your order can come up sooner, but we wouldn’t want to let you down if there are many clients requesting their photos to be edited for the very same day. PES orders take 48 hrs top to be delivered.

Q.: This photo looks blurry/shaken, can you guys do something about it?

A.: First of all, we would need to see the picture, so please provide a sample with the contact form. Photos that look too blurry cannot be edited, as we cannot reproduce any data to fix the issue in question.

Q.: Are there any topics you don’t edit?

A.: In fact yes. We don’t edit any kind of photo that may be considered sensitive topics (i.e.: nude pictures), photos that may be used for felony acts (i.e.: swapping credential photos)… you get the point.

Q.: I want to do a face-swap for this photo, to get my face in that body. Could that be possible?

A.: These kind of edits are tricky ones for us. The reason is that many times the body requested for the face swap doesn’t match the angle of the camera in which your portrait photo was taken. Though post production has given us plenty room to create the unimaginable, this isn’t a magic trick, so images with heavy post-production work are noticeable and most likely something you wouldn’t like as a result. Therefore, we ask our clients to provide the images for the face swap prior to placing the order, that way we can check if it works or not. Same rules apply for group photo face swaps.

Q.: I’m not satisfied with the edit made. I want my money back.

A.: When you acquired the PES service you agreed with our Terms and Conditions, which state that due to the nature of digital downloads, we cannot provide refunds. If there’s an issue with your edit please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll work to get the best out of it for you to be given a satisfactory result.

Q.: Uploading failed. Is there a way in which I can send you the photos?

A.: In case there’s an issue when uploading your photos, please contact us at [email protected] with your order number, instructions for the edit procedure and also the images to be edited – best if they are in a Dropbox link. That way we can quickly forward them to the people in charge of your edit.