Photoshop Actions

Transform or enhance your images with best Photoshop actions within a few seconds. These essential and indispensable tools will help you transform your images with a more professional, consistent and personalized look.  The actions are not only custom-built but also of high quality for guaranteed efficiency.

In each one of the packages, you will see free examples of the Photoshop Action before and after

About Sleeklens Photoshop Actions

On Sleeklens we pride ourselves in having some of the best products on the internet. And we are not just saying it: we are backed by hundreds if not thousands of designers and photographers who use our products in their daily workflows. The question then is, why do they choose our Adobe Photoshop Actions? A small story first.

In the past, we thought that all-in-one actions were the way to go. While in certain situations this is true, we found that we took a little bit of control away from the actual users of our products. So we decided to ensure that all our actions are standalone. What this does is ensure that you can apply individual actions to an image. This ensures that you are able to operate with your photographs much more intimately and at a deeper level of detail. This puts the control squarely in the hands of those who use our products.

The second thing that we did is ensure that all our actions are stackable. What this means is that it is possible to use more than one action on an image without the actions applied last wiping away the changes made by the actions that were applied before them. This is very powerful especially for those who love applying lots of effects on the same image.

Lastly, in addition to ensuring that our Adobe Photoshop actions function with both JPG and RAW images, we ensured that all changes are non-destructive. It is possible for you to roll back any changes that you make to your images in case you make a mistake. It is also very powerful in case you are looking at various actions and are trying to select that action that works best for your kind of work. So go forth and try pout some or all of our Photoshop actions and have no fear that you will wreck the original photos.

What types of photographs do our actions function with?

We know that all our visitors operate with different and varied types of photography niches. This is why we have gone out of our way to bring a wide selection of different types of PS actions. Some of the types of photographs we are focusing on are portraits and landscapes. This is because these are two of the areas where most photographers work. In addition to that, a lot of our visitors who use our Lightroom Presets requested that we make some equivalents for what we have on our Lightroom sections.

This means that regardless of whether your workflow incorporates Photoshop or Lightroom, you will be able to get some awesome products for your post-production processes and workflow.

Autumn Pumpkin Glaze Overlay & Action CollectionAs beautiful as it is, autumn photography is not one easy topic to edit as users tend to aim for the flawless warm photo with dramatic illumination effects and falling leaves going through the scene. That’s not always the case as such an imaginary situation requires a great deal of photo shooting skills. We don’t want photographers to feel discouraged by lack of experience, quite the opposite! That’s why we thought on how to bring autumn photography editing as close as users can get. With 78 PS autumn actions and 80 autumn overlays for Photoshop, this editing bundle can offer you the best for any autumn photography situation. Create vivid outdoor scenes; infuse the best of the autumn spirit in just seconds, with a non-destructive workflow. If all this weren’t enough, you’ll get 2 PS brushes for creating leaves.

Black & White Illustrated Collection: Black & White Photography meets Photoshop Actions! A set of 42 ps actions created with the aim of producing vivid, highly-detailed black and white photos in just seconds. Grayscale portraits, sepia landscapes, you name it. Feel the benefits of a timeless look with the help of this collection.

Carte Du Jour Collection: Food photography requires not only technique and patience but a very specific set of tools to get the most out of our work. If you were impressed by our “A La Carta Food Workflow” for Lightroom, then be ready to produce mouth-watering photos with its Photoshop counterpart. Easy to use, non-destructive editing tools that adapt to your personal style. 61 Food Photoshop Actions are waiting for you!

Fashion Nova Collection: Catwalk edits can take part of your portfolio in just a blink of an eye! We understand the demands that studio sessions for fashion photographers entail, but not also that but the aspiration of beginners to emulate those effects for their personal photos or first working projects. Because of that, we created an easy-to-use, even easier to love, bundle of Photoshop Actions for Fashion Photography. Flawless skin, enhanced eyes, sensual lips, silky hair… 62 fashion photography actions are waiting to become a new tool in your editing arsenal.

HDR Enhancements Collection: With 85 professional Photoshop HDR actions, this collection supplies everything necessary for creating beautiful images with enhanced HDR properties. Improve lighting and colors, or simply enhance the overall appearance of your images in as little as one click. Like our other products these actions are stackable, which means that they can be applied one after another without canceling the previously applied effects. And since each of these actions is composed of about ten or so individual functions, you will have the ability to do much more in a shorter period. Our “HDR Enhancements Collection” is ideal for enhancing those extra minute details with any of your work, whether it be landscape, urban scenarios or a day at the beach. Reduced time to edit and overall improvement to your images, why wouldn’t you want to try this collection, where the only limit is the reach of your creativity.

Hide and Seek Collection: Created for outdoor, or as most of us call it, nature photography, our “Hide and Seek Collection” is made up of 78 outdoor actions. The goal of outdoor photography is to capture the detailed beauty of nature, landscapes, and wildlife. What better tool to have than one that is specifically designed for that exact type of work. With this collection, you will have the tools necessary to adjust light, sharpen colors and strengthen the focus on your primary subject, all while keeping the natural surroundings or enhancing the natural beauty of the great outdoors. With all of this at your fingertips, you are sure to drastically reduce the time spent to edit the image. That by itself makes this a must-have tool.

Landscape Adventures Collection: When it comes to landscape photography, the end goal is to capture the beauty and detail of the entire scene. With 56 custom actions, this adventures collection will give you everything that you’ll need to adjust the light, color, contrast and the temperature in your photographs, all while dramatically reducing the time spent to edit an image. Add tone and tint effects, boosting the overall natural details of your images. With this Adventures Collection,” you can create images that will impress anyone who lays eyes upon them.

Nostalgic Vintage Collection: Another new product from Sleeklens, this collection is a valuable tool when you want to give your work that warm, memory-filled vintage touch. Our “Nostalgic Vintage Collection” contains 66 vintage actions for Photoshop that will allow you to create those warm, nostalgic effects of old photographs. With retro shades, environmental haze, colorful overlays, and soft tones and tints, all done in a non-destructive interface and without losing your style. You will have the necessary tool available to turn your photographs into memories that will spark a little bit of nostalgia for decades to come.

Portrait Perfection Collection: With portrait photographs, the goal is perfection. Like most of us, you may take a great photograph, but when it comes time to edit, you feel like there is just something more that is needed. Our “Portrait Perfection Collection” can help with its 56 Photoshop actions. Whether you want to correct color, tone, temperature or exposure, the tools are there to help. This collection will even have effects like vignettes or a light glow, to give your photograph a warmer feel to it. And to make a difference to your finished work, be sure to try the Dodge & Burn, Paint Effect and Advance portrait retouch effects. Check out our “Portrait Perfection Collection” to significantly save time and produce flawless edits.

Urban Decorations Collection: Specifically designed for architectural and urban photography, Our newest bundle of 82 Photoshop Actions will give you what you’ll need to quickly and effectively edit your architectural or city life photographs. As light and shadows play a fundamental role when photographing architecture or city streets, this collection provides the tools necessary to adjust and enhance those attributes, producing a stunning and creative finished product. If architectural or urban photographs is your thing, come check out how this collection will not only assist in perfect edits but also significantly speed up the editing process.


Will these actions be compatible with my work demands?

Absolutely yes. The Sleeklens Photoshop Actions are meant to be used as tools of non-destructive editing, meaning you can retrieve your original photo at any stage of the editing process, without losing much time to do so.

The actions are easy to use. The only demand they have is a compatibility issue with the interface language of Photoshop (as they were made with an English version of Photoshop), otherwise, they won’t be able to be used. Don’t think of this as an obstacle but as an opportunity: you are getting hands first into broadening your English knowledge.

Our PS actions are compatible with PS 4-6 versions (perpetual license users), and current PS CC versions. They won’t be able to be used in Photoshop Elements or mobile versions of Photoshop.

What is coming for Photoshop Products?

At Sleeklens, we are big believers of continuous improvement. While we are working hard to ensure that you have a wider choice in as far as our Photoshop products are concerned, we are also working to continuously improve the quality of our products. What you can expect is to see us add more bundles and products while improving the bundles that are already on the site. We will go well beyond the popular photography niches and venture into all areas that you, our audience, would like us to. This is why we always welcome your ideas for new products at [email protected] Finally, keep an eye on our Photoshop blog here to stay ahead of all updates and to know what is happening in the photography world. If you want to be the first to know about new products, subscribe to our newsletter below.