How To NOT Get Bored With Photography

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Michael Moodie
  By Michael Moodie
How To NOT Get Bored With Photography

Getting bored with photography is overall one of those brick walls that every photographer hits at some point during their career. Doesn’t matter how great they are or how many amazing people they’ve worked with, they’re still susceptible to becoming a bit bored with their craft. Getting bored with photography can come stem from many reasons. Most if not all photographers tend to find their special place or skill in photography and stick to it which ultimately makes them known mainly for one thing.

For example, if you’re a portrait photographer and that is what you do 24/7 then at some point you’re going to be tired of just taking portraits and then your interest and motivation to excel in portrait photography decreases as well as your quality of work. In this article, we will be talking just a bit about how you can make photography more exciting for you again.

Restarting that fire you once had when you first decided to pick up a camera is the most important part and once you feel that fire again then you know you’re doing the right thing. So if you’re in a situation right now where you’re not enthused to or even remotely happy to pick your camera up again, this article is especially for you.

Why Are You Bored?

The first step to fixing the problem is to first establish what exactly the problem is. In this case, you need to first acknowledge what it is that slowly extinguished your flame with photography. There are many things that can cause this, some of which I’ve personally experienced. For some, if not most of us, photography has become our job which is completely fine but then the process becomes recursive and for the most part dull. I personally had the role of covering events which ultimately had me just capturing shots of people on a day to day basis enjoying an event sponsored by a reputable company.

So day to day all I did was take about 150-200 Images at an event and then send them off via WeTransfer to my client. As you can see, it’s a pretty boring role and stifled my creativity in many ways. Therefore if you want to get out of that rut you’re, you have to first establish the problem and then work from there. It also comes in different forms such as you hasn’t had any creative flow lately, you don’t know what to shoot, you don’t know who to shoot and the list goes on and on.

Step out of your Comfort Zone

If you want to get out of that creative rut

you’re in then this may be one of the most important steps you need to take. We tend to get complacent and comfortable with our capabilities which often holds us back the true potential we have. So for a photographer who’s amazing at portraits and takes just about 50 different portraits a day, he’s pretty confident in what he’s capable of. However, at the same time, there is no enthusiasm or happiness in what he’s doing so it’s almost lifeless.

If you flip the script and tell that same photographer to go outside and challenge himself to take some great Landscape shots, he might look at you as if you’re crazy but be excited because it’s a new challenge. Flip the script on yourself and dip your hand into a different aspect of photography that you never even thought about. Challenging yourself often helps to light that fire in you, as you set a new goal.

Try New Creative Techniques

Sometimes putting a new creative spin on some things that you’ve already done is a great way to re-spark that greatness you have inside. It may sound confusing but think about this for example. Shooting portraits in the day are cool and pretty easy but let’s say you visit a location with some cool neon light and capture some portraits in front of a few.

It’s not far from what you already know how to do but when you put a new spin on it, it has an entirely different look. You can try this with all aspect of your photography and get your creative mojo fired up again.

Don’t Be Afraid To Explore

Don’t confine yourself to any one aspect of photography or the idea of how something should look as opposed to how you want it to look. Let your creative spirit run wild and try new things that you’ve probably only seen on Pinterest or Instagram but never tried to execute. Sometimes we limit ourselves and our creative thought because we think it’s too crazy or it won’t get likes on Instagram and that’s the wrong way to go about it.

Confining your creative spirit only leaves you feeling empty, so as much you possibly can, go wild and have some fun with new concepts that have been gathering dust in your mind.


Rating: 5.00 based on 1 Rating
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Michael Moodie
Michael Moodie is a Freelance Photographer and Photojournalist. He Enjoys Lifestyle Photography and Traveling while doing all things creative!

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