How To Capture Great Candids This Holiday Season

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Michael Moodie
  By Michael Moodie
How To Capture Great Candids This Holiday Season

Its the season of giving and having all your friends and loved ones around to not only share gifts and kind words but to also share memorable moments that cannot be replicated or replaced. The holiday season is always special as family members and friends from all over the world make the effort to be under one roof for the spirit of Christmas. As a kid, I always had a special love for the holiday season as there’s just a blanket of love that is spread throughout everywhere along with the fact that my birthday is on Christmas eve so I had no choice but to be in the spirit of Christmas. These special moments are always worthy of being captured so that they can outlive the hands of time and be shared with those who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the special occasion this holiday or for future reference when the family gets together to look through the Christmas album from the last Christmas. In this article, we will be touching on some key things to do when trying to capture these golden candid moments during your holidays this year. This tips will be helpful if you’re a beginner or even a professional as they’ve surely come in handy for me being behind the camera a few holidays in a row.

1. Be Ready

When it comes to candids, especially during the holiday season, you want to always be prepared to capture the moments happening in front of you. Some of these moments will obviously be spontaneous so always be ready to go at any second. You can best prepare for this by doing some random test shots to make sure your lighting or settings are good enough to capture the scene well enough. This will help you to not be caught off guard and miss any key moments that might have been valuable. Telling a story is very important and you want to make sure the story is pieced together well as much as possible.

2. Shoot Continuously

Set your camera to shoot continuously when taking photos this holiday season. Don’t worry about the volume of photos you’re taking as you will be able to eliminate the bad ones later. Take into consideration that each second you capture is another moment in time that cannot easily be replaced or replicated at all for that matter. When shooting continuously, you have the freedom when going through the images to select what it is that adds to your story and what is deemed a bad photo. It is always better to be safe than sorry so never stop shooting.

3. Angles

Make sure to move around and constantly change your perspective when capturing different moments. If you stay in one position for the whole duration then you will eventually end up taking what seems to be the same or similar shots. In photography, angles or perspectives are a game changer and simply changing your angle or perspective can help to give a moment or a scene a whole different look.

For example, when a family member is opening a gift, you don’t want to be shooting only on their level but rather get some overhead shots of the process of them opening their gift and then change your angle again to probably capture their reaction to the gift they just opened. Shooting from one position the entire time will eventually end up being a headache or annoying when you’re reviewing the images and notice there is not much diversity to the moment you were supposed to capture properly.

5. Pay Attention To The Background

There will be times when you want to pay a little bit of attention to what’s in the background of your frame for a few reasons. Sometimes what’s in the background of your frame might not be the most appealing thing to whats in the foreground. Many things can contribute to the bad background during the holiday season such as bad facial reactions, messy background or anything that doesn’t contribute to your image itself. Simple things like these can easily ruin a shot that had the potential to be amazing or end up giving you a lot of work to do during post-production.

6. Pick A Theme Or Mood

As the photographer, you now have the power or authority to dictate as to what will be the mood or them of the images you’re taking. You can determine the mood of each moment and capture it accordingly. For example, you will be able to judge if the moment happening in front of you is that of an emotional or exciting one and then contemplate if it worth capturing or not. You always want to have a very balanced holiday album with just the right amount of comedy, excitement, and emotions throughout the images. This will help to tell a very vivid story of how the holiday season was this year and make it easier for others to experience it as well, regardless of them not being physically there as well.

It’s always a pleasure sharing these very useful tips with you. I hope this holiday season brings you lot’s joy, love, and gifts because what are the holidays without a few gifts here and there. Until next time, thank you so much for stopping by and giving this article a read and I look forward to seeing you again as always.

Rating: 5.00 based on 2 Ratings
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Michael Moodie
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