Creating a Peaceful Misty Effect to Text in Photoshop

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  By Julian
Creating a Peaceful Misty Effect to Text in Photoshop

Hi all! Got a really nice Photoshop Tutorial for you today to do.

Was thinking recently about Instagram accounts and some of the really nice Photoshop Images that you see created there and I during my research and looking through many of the awesome creative accounts out there thought about sharing this lesson with you.

This can be used in many ways, so once you see it done I’m sure your mind will start to tick over and think “Oh I can use this effect in such and such”

This Effect can be applied in many different ways from using actual smoke images to smoke images.

So this lesson may be more for you Graphic Design lot out there or someone that just wants to make their profile somewhere looks awesome and stand out from the competition.

Just a side note as well, just like the force this effect can be used for good or evil.

So if you want to make this more dark you can, I’ve seen images incorporating skulls, ghostly faces and such out there, you can even do this technique using fire, so what ever you want to do the technique remains the same.

Let’s begin.

I’m going to start off with this image I have below as a base image, it’s nice and peaceful so it’s a good start to the direction I would like to go in.

To start with on this image I’m going to go to Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Levels

When you click on that you will see a panel appear on the right hand side after you click Ok.

In the middle of that you will see a histogram with 3 sliders on it, I’m going to slide the two outside sliders inward to enhance my image just a little bit more.

Don’t go too far, just bring them in to the point where you can still see details in the shadows and highlights.

If you can’t see details in your highlights then they will be what is called “Blown Out”

A rule of thumb I have is I bring the two into the point where my histogram starts to ascend.

Cool, that’s that sorted then, next look about on Free stock sights for Mist Stock, if you can’t find them then like me you can use Smoke Stock.

Now Select all and go to Edit and Copy and Paste this image into your main image.

Then go to Layer – Duplicate Layer.

Now you can close the tab with this smokey image on it, we no longer need it open taking up ram.

Next step we want to change these layers blend modes to ‘Screen’

Ok so look at the image below, look on the right-hand side of that image, do you see the Layers tab?

Ok in that tab you will see Opacity and to the left of opacity, you will see where it says Normal.

Click on this and it will give you all the blend mode options.

Choose screen to make the smoke effect transparent.

So remember that anything generally white on a black background using screen will make it see through.

Next, you need to create some text, so click on the bottom of the two smokey layers.

Then click on your image and type whatever you want to type in whatever font you’d like.

Then I’m going to adjust the levels on the top smoke layer and pull the highlights in toward the center, so following what we did at the start we do that again only we leave the darks and just pull the highlights up.

Next, I go to Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur

We do this to both out smoke images just to make it that little bit mistier looking instead of straight smoke.

Next double click on your text layer, this will bring up your layer styles panel, go to Outer Glow and double click on the color box to choose white.

Reduce your opacity and in Elements in the middle increase Size.

Now the last touch and the most creative one that may take a little bit of time is to make the mist look like it’s swirling around the text.

So to do that we need to create a mask, click on your top layer and go to Layer – Layer Mask – Reveal All

Then with a Brush Tool with Black and a Soft Head, you start to paint out parts of the mist to try to give it a creeping look.

If you make a mistake change your brush to white and paint it back in back and forth.

You can also use the bracket keys on your keyboard change the size of our brush, zoom in using plus and minus and move around holding the space bar.

I also paint out a lot of the bottom half of the now the mist layer to reveal the layer below.

Get creative and see what you can come up with.

Rating: 5.00 based on 2 Ratings
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