How to Use the Content Aware Scale Tool in Adobe Photoshop

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  By Jordan Younce
How to Use the Content Aware Scale Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Use this video to learn how you can use the content aware scale tool in Photoshop. This feature allows you to select something in your images and Photoshop automatically analyzes the scene around it and do what it is. Most people consider content aware scale as deleting something. You can circle something in the photo and then let it do a content aware scale on it and it’ll magically make it disappear without any effort. It analyses the pixels around and finds the best pixels to place there to cover up whatever it is that you want to delete.

Photoshop has a tool that is used called content aware scale that is very helpful when it comes to taking your photos and manipulating them to scale them larger, smaller, expand them and stuff like that. In our tutorial, we have a photo which we will use and although it’s a great photo, but in the rule of perspective, it is very symmetrical. Maybe we want to do a rule of thirds composition technique to have the model in a different position. We will expand one side of the image to give the model a different composition. To do this, we will get our crop tool and this will give us some little handles at the end of the image. We will extend the image as far as we want and this will give us a large white area which we should get rid of.

To do this, we will need our content aware scale tool. We will select the rectangular marquee tool and select an area towards the edge of the photo and this is where we do the content aware magic. We will go to “Edit > Content Aware Scale” and what this will do is that it allows us to drag the edge of the image, stretch it to cover the white space that we created and then press enter. All it did was to analyze the pixels, stretch it out just enough so it doesn’t look warped and the photo blends perfectly. We can use the photo for different purposes such as Facebook banner by simply cropping it out to fit the desired size.

The process is that easy and all we did was to use one simple tool to expand it out. The content aware tool is very useful if you are trying to take your photos and turn them into something that can be used for media or for printing among other things.

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